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About us

Achieve your goals.

Our Illinois and Indiana clients are our priority. We serve you. The legal action you are faced with or whether an opportunity is presented to you, we want you to have control so we navigate the boundaries of your legal matters with a law practice that has proven commitment to success.

We are pioneering.





We leverage experience with a deep commitment to our clients success, and a return to the control they require to move forward.

Why choose us

We forge relationships, build trust, and provide solutions.

We know how mysterious and confusing legal matters can be. We’ve sat with our clients through countless hours of worry and uncertainty, and watched the tone shift from hopeless to a winning outcome. When they are able to remove the friction and anxiety of legal processes, we see how they regain control of their business, investment – and their lives.

When you engage the firm, you're engaging an assertive, smooth, and intelligent experience.

Business Handshake

You engage us because you have an obstacle to hurdle and need assistance. We analyze and provide counsel on ways to help you.

This client needs an attorney to come in swiftly without the proverbial red tape, such as ones that may exist in mid-size or large firms, and address the obstacle, aggressor, or pain-point, while the larger strategy unfolds.

Our approach

What sets Curington Law, LLC apart.

When a client first comes to us, they are often facing an insurmountable problem or an opportunity to seize. We begin by identifying ways to attain an advantage against their aggressor or ways to protect their interest while regaining or maintaining the ability to run their lives how they want in the meantime.

The approach is a practical and focused one: focus on any matter presented, and focus on finding a legal and factual way to relieve the client. We then build a short, and long-term timeline of what transitions, legally, the client has to go through to get to their ideal situation.

Once a timeline is in place, we provide a game plan that will allow put them in a better position whether it is a settlement, a closing, a reversed order, a winning case, etc; and this is done through negotiation, mediation, settlement discussions, advocacy, and motion practice.

Need help?

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