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Curington Law, LLC
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A Noted Chicago Business Law Firm

Curington Law, LLC counsels entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in multiple facets of their commercial endeavors. We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. Like many of our clients, we are willing to forego immediate profit in favor of making a long-term investment in our clients’ future success. That is why we are dedicated to providing creative and cost-effective legal solutions to clients at any stage of their business career. Curington Law, LLC can help you establish your new business venture on a firm legal foundation with our comprehensive business startup services for entrepreneurs and closely held corporate entities. Contact us today to learn how our proactive approach can enhance your new company’s position and market potential.

Comprehensive legal guidance for businesses, employees, and entrepreneurs

Curington Law, LLC offers a broad range of legal services aimed at helping you meet your new venture’s short-term needs while laying the groundwork for long-term prosperity, providing sound advice and experienced representation across a broad range of legal matters affecting entrepreneurs, closely held corporate entities and small business owners, including:

  • Business entity selection, formation and incorporation of your limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC), S-corporation or C-corporation

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • State and federal tax issues

  • Intellectual property rights and trademark registration

  • Contract formation and review

Our services are especially valuable to business start-ups and entrepreneurs for whom investing in inside counsel is impractical. We offer at-cost incorporation services and highly competitive rates for new business ventures as evidence of our firm’s investment in your future success.

Creative and cost-effective legal solutions for entrepreneurs, employees, and businesses

Our firm has a special focus on helping new business startups entering into agreements with other companies to protect their intellectual property and avoid restrictive covenants. Our goal is to preserve your small or mid-sized business startup’s ability to navigate in the corporate arena.

Looking forward, Curington Law, LLC provides comprehensive general corporate counsel services on an ongoing basis to business startup and established corporate clients in need of sophisticated and affordable legal guidance and representation. 

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Regardless of the nature of your entrepreneurial challenge or opportunity, our firm is prepared to assist you and to help foster your venture’s continued and growing success. We can help you address your immediate legal needs and implement smart strategies for realizing your future goals. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and to learn more about how Curington Law, LLC can make a vital and continuing contribution to your business. Please contact us online today to learn more, or call 312-766-6671 to schedule an initial consultation.

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