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  • Kaylynn Kattiyaman

Major League Cricket Makes its Debut in the US

Cricket. A game with intricate game techniques, tests for endurance, and is considered the second most popular sport in the world. Yet, despite its world-wide popularity, the sport is relatively unknown in the US and has historically not shared the same hype and spotlight as other sports like basketball, football, or soccer. However, we may see a huge shift in that in the near future.

On July 13, 2023, Major League Cricket (MLC) launched its inaugural season at a sold-out stadium in Grand Prairie, Texas. The league’s six inaugural teams are in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. There are roughly 19 games scheduled to take place, and the six competing teams will be playing in a multi-game playoff to be crowned champions. With this season featuring several top-class international talent to play alongside America's best players, including athletes from Pakistan, South Africa, West India, and Australia, organizers of the MLC hope to grow the sport in the country.

Cricket’s big major league debut in the US has shown positive reviews all across the country. From the people who are interested in learning more about a new sport to the die-hard cricket fans who have been waiting for this moment since immigrating into the US, the MLC’s impact has shown to positively introduce the world of cricket into the States.

The MLC’s big debut will give incoming American sports lovers the opportunity to be introduced to a more modern approach to cricket known as T20 league. The T20 league structures each game to last roughly 3 hours, as opposed to five days for Test cricket and a full day for one-day cricket. Additionally, the focus centers on fan entertainment, ensuring that new fans will be able to experience the faster-paced and more engaging version of this traditional game.

The effects of introducing cricket in the US not only expands the world of cricket to a greater audience, but also provides potential monetization and investment opportunities for short-term or established sponsorships. Throughout the duration of this tournament, MLC teams and venues have openings in capitalizing on the current raves of a new sport being introduced. While there are various considerations that must be taken into account in providing sponsorship or promotional arrangements, such negotiations will likely model the arrangements used in other professional sports leagues. Thus, seeing how cricket has such a large international audience, potential international partners will likely be more than eager to create these long lasting relationships. In doing so, it will gradually foster the sport even more within the country.

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